Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where Do Polar Bears Like to Vacation?

Brrrr. Muda.

Claudia is out of town on work-related business for a few days, so it's just dad and the nine (at home) kids. Since Mom's side of the bed has been temporarily vacated there are at least a couple of our kids who vie for the space. Our two youngest, ages 12 and 9, beg to share the bed with me. Our twelve-year-old is simply too restless and animated during the night, so I can't let him sleep next to me. The last time we tried that he kicked me, punched me, pushed me, cursed at me in his sleep, and then fell out of the bed. It was a typical night for him, but a disturbing one for me. He has been consigned to his own bed, which I assure him is "more comfortable because" he's "accustomed to sleeping there."

Wilson has completed his homework in the bedroom (he doesn't want to lose the coveted place on the right hand side of the bed) and now he is finishing his evening by reading jokes (the typical third grade ones) to Dominyk and me.

Wilson: Where do polar bears like to vacation?
Answer: Brrr. Muda.

Wilson: What do you get when you cross a guppy with a monkey?
Answer: A shrimp-panzee.

And the jokes go on and on, for pages. Occasionally we will chuckle. Most of the time Wilson will read the joke ahead of us, offering his editorial helps. "Ya'll are gonna have a hard time with this one," he says, his Texas twang not quite ameliorated by nearly a year of living in the upper MIdwest.

Wilson: What kind of doctors make fish look beautiful?
Answer: Plastic sturgeons.

Wilson: What's an eel's favorite card game?
Answer: Glow fish.

We are having a very nice time, chortling together over the cleverness (and corniness) of what we read and hear. It is a pleasant evening. The innocence of a nine-year-old's emerging personhood is a delight to behold.

Sometimes it's as if God looked at Claudia and me, after raising the first ten of our kids (with varying degrees of difficulty), and said, "Here are your last two kids. You've worked so hard in the past twelve years you deserve a blessing."

And so they are.

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Other Mother said...

How sweet! You gotta love those later in ife blessings!