Friday, September 21, 2007


If you've followed Claudia's and my blogs over the past few months you know that one of the unresolved issues in our lives concerns our eighteen-year-old son, Mike, who is facing a number of legal offenses, at least one of which (perhaps more) is a felony. His court date was scheduled for Monday of this week, and both Claudia and I chose not to be a part of that hearing. It turns out that sentencing has been postponed (once again) as the court considers the recommendations of the pretrial sentencing report. The details of that report have not been made available to us, and Mike has not shared them with us (he has not been in recent contact with us), so we are once again in an unresolved situation.

It's a strange thing when you have a kid living in the same town you live in, with whom you have little or not contact and the only "connection" is by viewing court motions on line. I never thought it would be quite like this ten years ago when he became part of our family's life.

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