Friday, August 10, 2007

More to the Story ...

If you haven't read Claudia's blog yet, you need to do so before you read any further. And if you haven't read my earlier blog entry of the day, you should probably do that first, too.

If you've clicked through both of the above links and have read those entries, you are now ready for the following details.

Today is Friday, which means it's Fletcher Family Friday Fun Day, so in a few minutes we'll be heading off to take in a couple of county fairs. More on that later with pics ... but as Dominyk (our youngest) was getting ready this morning I asked him what he thought about having two new brothers. He thinks it sounds good. When I further inquired he said because he likes to play, and the younger of the two likes to play, also. Dominyk has always been the youngest, so now to have a new youngest will be interesting, but he's in favor of it.

Ben (aka "Jimmy") who is fifteen smiles when I ask him what he thinks about having two new brothers, and then adds his own version of what he's heard over the years ("we have too many kids already"), but by the look on his face I can tell that he is prevaricating.

So, those are two affirming responses to our announcement last night. Here's more details about our two new sons with auspicious names, Napoleon and Wilson. When I first heard their names memories of world history were evoked as I thought of the diminutive French leader and the League of Nations President. Napoleon (he goes by "Leon") is twelve and Wilson (he goes by "Wilson") is eight.

Based upon their description, they have fewer identified issues than any of our other children have had. We have learned through experience that sometimes the reports do not or cannot have all the details that parents learn through living with a child, but they have no diagnoses and do not have a long history of abuse or neglect. Our understanding is that they have been stable in their foster home and that they have two older siblings, both of whom will not be available for adoption.

Our family will expand its definition of multicultural as well. Currently we are a Hispanic (American Latino and Central American), biracial, and caucasian family, and now we will add a fourth identifier, Asian American. The boys' heritage is Laotian, although they were born in the United States, where they have lived (presumably) since birth in Texas.

It is always an exciting venture to become a parent. While I will not have the experience of supporting a spouse in times of growing pregnancy, midnight runs for unusual food selections and the excruciating pains of labor, we are "pregnant" in a different sort of way. And we are happy.


Mike said...

Congratulations guys! Very exciting!

jen said...

That is so cool... congratulations!

Randy said...

Congratulations to all of you! We will set a few more places at the table for them when you visit
Randy & Sandy