Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Homeless Again

Claudia called me minutes ago to report that our son Mike is once again without a place to live. He has until 5:00 PM tomorrow night to vacate the apartment he has been living in for the past eighteen days. He has consistently refused to abide by the lease, and after more than three specific warnings he has done the same thing again and again.

His landlord has been more than generous over the past three weeks, and we are thankful that she gave him the chance to earn the opportunity to have a permanent address. While I am not surprised at this outcome, I need now to ready myself for the accusations we will receive from Mike. It will not be his responsibility or his fault. In some way it will be either Claudia's or my fault that this did not work out. And he will, of course, beg us to live in our home now that he has no where to go. But that's something we just cannot do.

So, once again, Mike is homeless. And he is out of options. And so are we.

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