Sunday, January 28, 2007

Two Months Later

Well, it's been more than two months now since I have publicly shared my adoptive parenting life via the blog. A number of people have asked why I haven't blogged and wonder if and when I'm going to resume blogging, so here is a bit of an explanation. As things have continued to unwind with two of our sons (currently out of the home due to behavior issues), I have just not had the motivation to blog and open myself up to unsolicited criticism or critique. While I have hoped that my blog would be helpful to other parents facing difficult times with their children, there have been moments when I have not been emotionally resilient enough to take the risk of posting my thoughts in the blogosphere.

I know there are risks inherent with the blogging process, but I do not blog to solicit therapy or unsolicited advice. I am, of course, always interested to hear from other parents who share similar experiences or concerns, or from those whose goal it is to encourage ... but, I have to admit, if it is professional (or even non-professional) responses I seek, I do that in direct ways by consulting those whom I know and trust.

And so I have struggled to know what to do. Do I continue to blog knowing that my emotional state may be further distressed by comments I might receive, even though there are those who have found my thoughts helpful ... or do I discontinue blogging in order to protect myself?

That you are reading today's blog evidences the result of my thought process. I will resume blogging, because I think I have something valuable to offer other adoptive parents and take the risks inherent in this medium because I think my experience is one that is worth sharing ... not necessarily because my experience is unique or exceptional, but precisely because there are other parents in a similar situation who might find my thoughts helpful. Of course my decision is not solely altruistic, because I have found blogging a marvelous way to express my thoughts, and I have received many positive responses along the way.

So, for what it's worth, I am re-entering the world of blogs today.


FAScinated said...

I am very grateful that you are blogging again. I love the way you look at and write about life. Welcome back. ~Kari

Yondalla said...

And I am also glad you are back.

Susan said...

Thank you for being willing to share your heart.

Sage said...

Yeah! Bart's back! Often you are telling our story from the past 20+ years, only your words express my thoughts better than I can. Thank you. And welcome back. Marge

FosterAbba said...

Glad you are back. I've missed your posts.

Susan said...

Glad to see you are writing again. I always find it worthwhile to read!